Geauga Lakes closes for good.

September 28, 2007 at 12:50 am (local news) (, , )

Geauga Lake, located in Aurora Ohio has been closed for good.

Find the official announcement from Cedar Fair, the owning company, here .

This is indeed very sad for me because my family has had a tradition of going to the park every summer for a little get a way time. It was inexpensive and not overly crowded. However, the not overly crowded part may have been the very thing that help lead to it’s demise.

Cedar Fair (the owner / operators of the park), claim that attendance has always been low and has continued to decline. I have to admit, that every time I have been to the park I always said that the park was definitely not operating at it’s full capacity. Apparently, Cedar Fair will begin dismantling the rides immediately and either sending them to their other parks or selling them. I would imagine that the wooden roller coasters cannot be moved. If I am correct, then these will sit there and rot away as old skeletons.

What is strange is that Cedar Fair states they are going to keep the water park open for next year which sits on the old Sea World site. There is no way that I can imagine that this would work. I give it no more then a year before that side is also mothballed. The water park is nice…as a combined park bonus. However, as a destination spot alone? I can’t imagine many people traveling all the way out to Auroa Ohio just for that. Wouldn’t you rather go to one of the indoor water parks or Cedar Point where they have a high quality amusement park AND water park among many other things? It’s just simply surprising that Cedar Fair thinks that tactic is even possible.

I was just at Geauga Lake about a month ago, and I noticed several signs of the impending closure:

  • The elevated monorail train had been dismantled. Literally, many parts of the rail were just sloppily chopped off with a torch and left sticking out.
  • Many game booths were never even opened. I’d say somewhere about 50%, it looked like.
  • Two roller coasters had already been removed.
  • The Raging Wolfbob roller coaster was broken and roped off. It did not look like any one was working on it, nor had any intention to.
  • The needle was stuck up in the air. Again, no one was fixing it and it seemed no one would.
  • The entire park was very barren, there was hardly anyone there.

Before, I sign off…make sure you read the press release from Cedar Fair. I think the spin they put on the news is funny. They make it sound new and exciting that Geauga Lake is closed permanently. Interesting way to look at it, but makes no sense to me.


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