Vote on the Fedora 11 release name!

January 6, 2009 at 12:41 pm (PlanetFedora) (, , )

I want to encourage all Fedora contributors to cast your vote for the Fedora 11 release name.

Join me in making your mark on the name of Fedora 11.

Here is a table with the name candidates and a brief definition of each:

Blarney Same logic as “Orcher” (Orcher is a castle) but a cooler name and infinitely more themeable.
Brasília Brasilia and Cambridge are counted among the greatest and most respectable University in their countries.
Claypool Actors in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (Ed Cambridge, Les Claypool).
Duchess Is a theatre in London’s West End.
Euryalus Is the name of a British Royal Navy ship that (to add a bit more historical interest) served as flagship to admirals that served under Horatio Nelson at major actions. (Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, who fought alongside Nelson at Trafalgar, transferred his flag from the Royal Sovereign to the Euryalus briefly after the Royal Sovereign was taken under tow and Admiral Sir Thomas Graves, who fought alongside Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen, used the Cambridge as his flaghip during the Spanish armament).
Indomitable Like Cambridge, Indomitable was the name of a warship of the royal navy. I think it best describe the unstoppable spirit of Fedora (and linux in general).
Leonidas Was a ship in the Union navy.
Zampone Type of sausage.

Cast your vote by going to this URL:

The complete listing of names can be found here:

Voting ends and will be tallied at: 23:59:59 January 9, 2009 UTC.


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  1. quaid said,

    Note the update on the page about Brasilia:

    “Brasilia is the Brazilian capital city, a planed city created in the “core” of country by the Brazilian Government, been inaugurated in 1960.”

    This is a useful association to consider with respect to Fedora. 🙂

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